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How to activate your IPass Transponder

With both your I-PASS serial number and the activation number in front of you, call 800-926-6500, or go to getipass.com and click on the green "OPEN IPASS ACCOUNT" button and follow the instructions.

As part of account set up you will enter your transponder information (the serial number and activation code) and then you click on the blue button which says "Activate Transponder"

The I-PASS serial number and the activation code are located on the activation sticker on your transponder (see below). The activation sticker is designed to be peeled off.

IPass Activation Sticker      

The transponder face (see below) has the Serial Number on it.

IPass Transponder Face


Activation is required for transponders obtained at a Jewel-Osco or Road Ranger locations. but is not required for transponders obtained at a Tollway Customer Service Center.

Once activated, transponders are ready for use within 24 hours in Illinois and within 48 hours in other states that accept I-PASS.

How do you know if your IPass is activated?

- Drive through an I-PASS lane on any Tollway ramp and if there is a blue or yellow light, your transponder is working.
- Drive through a cash lane and if the transponder is activated, the red (stop) light will turn green automatically. If not, no problem, you can pay the toll with cash.

See additional details here.