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The simplest and most common way to install and activate the I-PASS is as follows:
1) Open an account on the website.
2) When the transponder arrives in the mail, install it.
See below.

If you need more info, here is a thorough description of how to activate IPass (including the different types of I-PASS devices.)

The following instructions will suffice for the majority of circumstances..

Step 1: Make sure that the inside of your windshield is clean, dry and warm.

Step 2: With the arrows of the transponder pointing toward the roof, align the transponder on the windshield behind the rearview mirror, at least one inch below the metal roofline and one inch to the right or left of the mirror post.

Step 3: Remove the plastic backing tape from the mounting strips and firmly press the transponder against the glass for 15 seconds. You're done!

See this document if you want to see more detailed instructions of the above, if your windshield has metal components, if your vehicle has a vertical windshield, or if your vehicle has solar ray glass, solar tint, heat reflective windshields, insulated or insta-clear glass, or compass/temperature in the rear-view mirror.

Here is an excellent video from Alex in Maine. Thanks Alex!
Note: the Illinois IPass is the Illinois verion of the EZ Pass.

With both your I-PASS serial number and the activation number in front of you, call 800-926-6500, or go to and create an account.

The I-PASS serial number and the activation code are located on the activation sticker on your transponder (see below).

Activation Sticker      


The activation sticker is designed to be peeled off.
Peel Activation Sticker      

The transponder face (see below) has the Serial Number on it.

Transponder Face


Activation is required for transponders obtained at a Jewel-Osco or Road Ranger locations. but is not required for transponders obtained at a Tollway Customer Service Center.

Once activated, transponders are ready for use within 24 hours in Illinois and within 48 hours in other states that accept I-PASS.

How do you know if your IPass is activated?

- Drive through an I-PASS lane on any Tollway ramp and if there is a blue or yellow light, your transponder is working.
- Drive through a cash lane and if the transponder is activated, the red (stop) light will turn green automatically. If not, no problem, you can pay the toll with cash.

See additional details here.

You can use the Illinois Tollway system without having an I-PASS transponder via using Pay By Plate, but the system is optimized to use by the I-PASS transponder, so the toll rates will be lower if you use the I-PASS.